November 30, 2008

Movie Review #30-31

11/24 Les Poupees Russes (The Russian Dolls) = Sequel to The Spanish Apartment, 30 yrs later.
This was a fun movie, I liked how realistic it was in going over the issues that people have to deal with, such as how do I find someone who will tolerate me and whom I can tolerate to love? The whole "needle in a haystack" -ness of it all is definitely super depressing and makes someone seem incredibly unlikely. And there are SO many people out there to shift through. You definitely need to know what you're looking for and have enough will power not to waste your time on someone that you know isn't suited just because you're bored.

11/17 Lust, Caution = A group of students decide to help the war by trying to kill an important figure.
I loved the fact that there was Shanghainese in the movie. In a lot of ways it reminded me of Crouching Tiger, mostly for the fact that it was typical (an unhappy ending) and shockingly untypical (graphic sex) in terms of Asian movies. I've always maintained that the majority of Asian dramas and movies are overwhelmingly depressing and horrible horrible things happen to the main characters because it makes Asians feel better about their lives. It was a good movie though and it's amazing what make-up can do for a person.