November 8, 2014


So I haven't written here in a while. I still have the last D&D Next session to finish writing up (if I can scrape together what happened) and then perhaps we'll do a Microscope session to wrap things up, now that it's been months since the last play session.

I started a Tumblr: Write Some Shit. It holds the daily writing prompts that I signed up for from Sarah Selecky. Who I found doing a Google search for daily writing prompts. It's been 40 days since I started doing them, and I've found I've really enjoyed playing around. The 10 minute limit helps me keep things short and since they're writing tasks, I end whenever I feel like. It's the fun of setting something up, giving the promise of something interesting and then fading away into the mist. No real pressure to actually think of something cool happening. Just hints and sad musings.

Work on the book has somewhat resumed. It's a little crazy to think it's been a year already and I've only added about 4k words since Nanowrimo last year. I think the outline structure isn't working out for me, when I look at it, even though it's only for the next chapter or so, it feel like a task list instead of something exciting and surprising. I think similar to your first trip somewhere, it always feels longer because you don't know where you're going. It feels even longer when you map out bits and pieces and can feel how long it'll take to get to those pieces and then think, that's just a part of the whole way.

The plan is still to keep on chugging away at it, but these daily writing prompts have been fun and some interesting pieces have come out of it. A secondary goal is to spend extra writing time, after I've been warmed up on the writing prompts, to write a bit on the Novel and try and ignore the small outline. Then, finally, to finish the D&D Next write up! I hate having unfinished projects.