November 27, 2010

Story Episode #8

Before I could change my mind, I closed my eyes and contacted Jack.  The bastard was VRing.  I appeared right in the middle of what appeared to be a typically epic battle between the Ferengi and the Starship Enterprise.  Jack was unfazed by my appearance and continued to shout orders from the captain chair.  I looked down at myself and sighed in resignation, the goddamn VR had clothed me in a red and black unitard.  I knew better than to interrupt Jack in one of his frequent forays into old Sci-Fi, who knows, maybe this time he was actually doing some research.  Unlikely, but possible.  Always best to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I was about to go search the ship for the holodeck when Jack suddenly looks up and recognizes me.  He makes the "pause scene" motion and we're suspended in time.
"I assume you have good news?"  He leaned back in his chair and pressed his fingertips together, classic, though cliché...

While doing a small bit of research for this part, I came across this: Blue Stripe: The Life and Times of a Holodeck Janitor, which is an interesting bit of reading.