December 15, 2011

Intense. Passionate. Excitable.

It's not exactly like I didn't know these things about myself, but realizing that other people attribute these characteristics to me gives me pause.

So yes, sometimes I am very focused and generally, when there is something that I want, I usually get it. If I am grilling someone, there is no doubt that all of my attention and energy is centered on that person and I could care less about what else is going on.

That intensity naturally leads me to be passionate in my dealings. Almost every event that I find interesting I want to share with others and I try my best to promote it and get others interested. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I'm pretty cheery. But beyond that, I've been known to get so excited that I start to feel lightheaded and actually, I recently watched this youtube and can TOTALLY relate. It's fun to be excited. I like living in the moment.

Which is why I'm really interested to see where QC takes it from here. Is Jeph going to lean on the side of "Enjoy It While It Lasts" or "It's Not Worth the Pain"? Because really, what is life without a little pain here and there? Some of my best stories are of my worst moments. And isn't it weird that when you're down, or when you're especially happy, everything in the world sympathizes with you?