July 31, 2013

Remote Companionship

Here's an idea. For those people who either are too busy to talk to their friends on a regular basis, or don't have any friends that share their interests, you can download podcast-like conversations. I'm not sure I'd be the best person to record such things, since I don't talk non-stop, but the idea is that the PodConvo would be on a specific topic, say, The Walking Dead game, Chpt 1, and it'd be equivalent to meeting someone who had just finished playing Chpt 1 and wanted to discuss the nuances of the game play, spoilers, thoughts, feelings, and stories that came up as a result. People could feel free to pause the PodConvo at any time to interject their own thoughts, feelings, and stories without worrying that they were dominating the conversation or interrupting the person too much. They'll never forget what they were about to say! They'll patiently wait while you go on a half an hour diatribe!

I definitely think there's a niche for this kind of thing. Sometimes dinner at home can be enhanced by conversation instead of watching TV or a movie. Who doesn't like to be talked at about an interesting topic or subject that they hold dear?