December 21, 2015

White Elephant Variant: Barter Elephants

Currently a WIP because I thought of this on my bus ride into work today. I like white elephant gift exchanges, but I always feel like there isn't enough interaction and people who have later numbers in the gift opening process have a huge advantage. So here's my attempt at making a more fun gift giving exchange.
If you try this out, please comment below and let me know how it went. I'm open to any comments or suggestions!

Barter Elephant Rules:
1. Draw numbers.
2. Open wrapped presents in order.
4. After everyone has opened a present, Barter Cocktail Time begins.
5. For the next half an hour, everyone attempts to paperclip < house their way to their desired item and/or negotiate additional perks that would be exchanged in order to sweeten the deal.
6. Gifts are redistributed at the end of the Barter Cocktail Time depending on if any deals were successfully made.

Edit: Changed the name from Barter HolidayTown to Barter Elephants.