March 25, 2016

ACTLab & Red Stage: Worse Than Tigers Review

Worse Than Tigers is about people who are desperate, but for reasons that might not be obvious. It's a brain twister-y exploration into the idea of safety and empathy.

The two main characters, Olivia and Humphry, have built up so many distractions that they can't see past, and are both just soundlessly screaming into the void. It's bitter and caustic, but surprisingly not in a depressing sort of way. Humphry has perfected the persona of the nice, caring husband, where nice means placating, and caring means only things that are good for you are allowed. Olivia appears to be the consummate wife; however, while she's attentive, it's obvious she's completely detached and does so by rote habit.

The show is gorgeously furnished by Stoneway Furniture, but a cheesy set piece/light and cell phone sound effects marred an otherwise mature production. The audience hems in the one room stage, slowly building a claustrophobic atmosphere that by the end, will leave you questioning how we got to a place where the answer is always safe = good.