June 25, 2008

These are the Times We are Living In

Airlines are now run by the mafia. They don't allow you to bring hardly anything useful in your carry-on, forcing you to put things like toothpaste and contact lens solution in your check-in luggage, where you can't get to it AND forcing you to pay $15-$25 for that "privilege".

Visibility to messy mergers are commonplace and kitchy names like Microhoo are splashed around, though the reality may be more like Microsoft-hoo.
Speaking of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the founder of the Blue Screen of Death is now "retired". It's the end of an era.

Let's not even get into the fact that the CANADIAN dollar is suddenly worth more than the US dollar. Though I do get a little chuckle now when I see mail orders and the price of books that are higher priced for the Canadian $ than the US amount...suckers.

There's a news article for every single time gas is mistakenly priced at some outrageous price like $1.40...though that was a perfectly normal price for gas a few years ago.

"Organic" is now a huge, thriving market of its own encompassing everything from fruits and veggies, canned soup, frozen food, eggs, and milk to dishwasher soap, detergent, weed killer, and various skin care products.

Hummers, the ultimate American car, is no longer in production because of the high price of gas and the economy conditions. Now how are we supposed to pretend to be as elite as the military?

Cell phones are no longer sought after for being as small as possible. Instead, they're going back to brick-size...thin, light-weight bricks.

The Democratic Primary was more exciting, well covered, and had higher voter turnout than many actual Presidential Elections. Potential candidates spent millions and millions for the opportunity to actually qualify to race. Before this year, I would say an extremely small percentage of voters even knew how the Primaries worked. I personally thought some important players in the Democratic Party got together at the Convention and picked someone. No public involvement.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which before was an unknown, uncared about agency that sucked up tons of taxpayer money, is a bitterly laughable farce. Two national disasters have knocked it on its ass, Hurricane Katrina, and the flooding in Iowa. Though the flooding in Iowa gave FEMA plenty of time to get its act together, again, it was caught sleeping on the job. President Bush was no better either.

Foreclosure + banks + morgages + loans = thousands of homeless Americans, and making it difficult to sell or buy houses.