July 1, 2008

The Art of Blogging

I've been feeling extremely restless lately, dissatisfied with my current hold on life, and hence, I guess, the desire to pick up blogging again. However, the more I think about what I want to say, what I can say, and then what I SHOULD say, it feels like Web 2.0 and the utter mesh of everyone you have ever known being able to find it is completely killing the spirit and healing nature of the blog. No longer are blogs solely for the narcissistic emo mind dump and gossip, they're respected independent news sources, educational mini-discovery channel type feeds and basically are supposed to serve some sort of purpose. For the greater good of all that is.

That was actually what this blog was supposed to do...but I've found that giving my opinions and thoughts about random news articles is not a creative enough outlet to fulfill the void. Yet I don't feel ready/up to par to actually sit down once or twice a week and pound out a few pages for my "book". Ugh...maybe I'm going to have to go back to writing poems. Break out the razors.

But really, how can blogging make any sense when you can't mention work and can't mention most personal things (because work might be reading and stalkers...or is that redundant?). Blogging has become an inside joke. Oh sure, of course you could say, "F the Man, if they want to take offense then fine, I'd rather be fired." But the whole firing thing aside, the internet is no longer as private as it used to be. I should know, I have successfully found people's "secret" livejournals. Which then brings up the question, why not just keep a "blog" offline? I would probably have to say narcissism and maybe the fact that the world is so wired, so interconnected all the time that things that happen "offline" aren't as real or worthwhile.

Okay. Back to the subject of the first sentence....nevermind.