July 10, 2008

Pre-PAX 2008 Thoughts

OMG, they're going to start sending out our PAX badges next week! Exciting times are almost upon us!

Every year (so far this'll be my 3rd time), I dream about what it would be like if I were chosen to be one of the Omeganauts. Or, I guess, someone that I knew. Anyway, they're doing the random choosing between this week and next! Ahhh, the fame and the glory...or possibly the utter humiliation and shame...the chance to participate in one of the greatest Gamelympics ever. Though I suppose with PAX being next month, you'd only have about a month to "train" for it. Man, the final round was last year with Halo 3 was really intense. Though, pretty much all FPSs are.

Also exciting...Jonathan Coulton will be there (though apparently he was there last year as well...how did I miss that?)!! Time to brush up on his songs and memorize all the lyrics so I can sing along like a true fan. I hope he plays his song on Rockband and gets people from the audience to fill in the rest of the band. He can even play guitar and sing. That would be the roxorz.