July 15, 2008

Movie Review #4: Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

7/12 Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix = 5th installment in the Harry Potter series. Things take a darker turn and the young wizards at Hogwarts will need to take up arms (i.e. their wands) to stave off The Dark Lord once again.

There's some definite ugliness in this movie, the CGI is used to further the plot than to show how beautiful and fun magic is. No Quidditch for one thing. There's a scene early on in the movie where a bunch of them are shown flying on their brooms and it is SO badly CGed. Easily the worst and most "unrealistic" flying in the entire series. Other than that, that books are still much better than the movies, which even at 3 hours, feel like they're picking bits and pieces and cramming it in. But it's always fun to see the scenes in the movie played out. Man, I can't wait until they finish all the movies...Harry Potter Marathon!! We can spend all day reading the book, and then watch the movie at night. For a week straight!

Now I wish I was in college where I had tons of free time to actually accomplish this.