July 7, 2008

Movie Review #1 - Wall-E, The Jane Austin Book Club, & 2 Days in Paris

Since Zach and I watch so many movies and I tend to forget them very quickly afterwards, it feels like it would be worthwhile for me to document the ones I've watched. This way, it'll be easy for me to tabulate later on how many movies I've watched. I should do the same for the books I've read, but my Facebook keeps a pretty good record...but if it ever got erased that would really suck.

6/27 Wall-E = animated movie about the last robot on Earth, tasked to forever clean the planet up. Mankind is living on a spaceship far far away. They send robots from the spaceship to check up on Earth every once in a while.

This really wouldn't be a little kids movie, the beginning is kind of slow and depressing and when the other robot shows up, it's a bit scary. However, the animation is great and the tones they set with the background and colors are really apt. The stuff about the humans was grossly unreal and a little too easy. I LOVED the end credits though. The pretty one as well as the aski art one. It's good, cute, well animated, but in terms of plot and depth, it didn't really explore all that much, there could have been so much more interesting and funny things on the spaceship.

7/6 The Jane Austin Book Club = a rom-com about 5 women & 1 man who each pick a Jane Austin book and discuss one per month.

You really don't have to know or have read any of Jane Austin's books to enjoy this movie. Two of the men in the movie are super super hot, especially the bad boy high schooler. Reminds me of Jared Leto in My So-Called Life, who was SO HOT in the series. The movie ended on a really happy note and was surprisingly very conservative and kind of moralistic in the end. Which, though I'm a rebel at heart, I approve of. I'd let my daughter watch it. More serious than funny but pretty good. The eye candy really added to the movie though ;)

7/6 2 Days in Paris = another rom-com about a french woman who is living in NY and her boyfriend and her are touring Europe and decide to spend 2 days in Paris, where she has a flat that is directly above her parents.

Sort of a foreign film in the sense that there are subtitles during most of the movie, but the main characters also speak English. Some really funny bits dealing with people talking in French about the guy or around the guy and the guy not understanding. I really liked it because it reminds me of how it must be for Zach since he understands a tiny tiny bit of Mandarin and most of the time my parents and I speak in Mandarin even when he's around. So sometimes when my parents and I fight, he has no clue what's going on. He's always like, is everything okay? And I'm always like oh yeah, sure, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. Lots of talking in the movie but pretty interesting. Recommended for those in interracial relationships.