July 23, 2008

Ratatat...You Blow My Mind

I've been listening to KEXP more and more at work lately, just cuz it's really really good background music, most of it is nothing that I know, there's a lot of kind of techno-y stuff with no words. The only thing is that their announcer DJ people are kind of annoying and weird. They do this continuous wave inflection thing with their voice when they're saying stuff and it's weird.

Anyway, since I've been listening more, I've been recognizing some of the songs and one of them I heard today has no words in it and I thought it was really innovative and went on their site to see what band it was and it was Ratatat's Mirando. I decided then and there that I was going to Best Buy the next chance I got (which was today after work) and get their newest album LP3.

Every single track on here is amazing and is blowing my mind. I LOVE THIS CD!! Damn this stuff is amazing. I got the CD because Zach and I need some tunes to listen to during long drives when the radio goes out.