July 16, 2008

Blogging & the Law


During the infancy of the Internet, when "blogging" first came about, it was just a journal on the computer. People wrote haphazardly about everything from their love life, to their dogs, work, and used real names, real places. No longer is such naivete suggested or tolerated. More and more often, there are news stories about so-and-so being fired because of what they wrote on their blog or other similar consequences of simply exercising their freedom of speech. Things that were never a concern in the beginning are rapidly becoming huge issues that could change the Internet until it is unrecognizable. Net Neutrality, cookies, bots, privacy issues, identity theft...these all encroach upon the air-bytes that the Internet breathes. Too dramatic? Not nearly.

Anyway, the article is really more about when people should be forced to give up the anonymous cloak that is being behind a computer. It's pretty easy these days with IP tracking and fancy hacker-like programs and triangulation...and stuff... so really, the less you know about someone, the better for everyone. People who gain internet notority...I guess it must be cool, but really really weird. And probably a good dose of scary in there too with all the potential for stalkers. People are f-ed up man.