July 7, 2008

2008 4th of July Weekend in TC

We drove down the night of the 3rd and it was pretty uneventful. We listened to the Beatles Love CD, which was pretty cool with the scenery going by and it was somewhat inspiring.

On the 4th, my whole family and Zach went over to the neighbor's at around 9 because they were having their annual neighborhood potluck brunch and flag raising. The food was pretty good and it was nice and sunny out but it was fairly boring with no one to talk to (mostly everyone there was really white, suburban, and/or Mormon) and after the flag raising, Zach and I left to go down to Columbia Point where Zach's bro and family were holding down a BBQ spot. It was pretty chill since Zach's nephew and nieces weren't there to actually do stuff in the park, so we all just sat around and ate and I knitted a bit. It was pretty windy out though. Then we packed up and headed back to Zach's place where I got to try out WiiFit. I got 313 on hula hoops! Then we played some Rockband and sat around and chilled. Zach and I walked back to my house at around 6:15, and after some deliberation about what was going to happen on the 5th, we decided it'd be best to walk back to Zach's so I could drive the car back and use it tomorrow morning. Then I had some good home cooked grub. Afterwards, my Dad, brother, grandma, and I played some Mahjong. By the time we quit, around 10:30, I was pretty ahead in chips. I headed back to Zach's where it turned out that they had just left for Home Depot or something and I sat around with Zach's dad and brother, who was doing calc homework, and ended up sort of starting his English essay and writing down some writing points/focuses. I stayed until midnight and then went home to sleep.

On the 5th, my mom, grandma, and I went to the Pasco Farmer's Market. I didn't buy anything, but we got some cucumbers, squash and snow peas I think. We finished a bit early, at 10:30 and needed to kill some time, so we went over to the Asian market and got a few items there. By that time it was around 11 and since we didn't have anything else to do, we headed over to the Hawaiian restaurant around the corner where we had all agreed to meet up for lunch. We ended up waiting there for like an hour and a half since my brother didn't get out of volunteering at the hospital until noon, but then my dad was at Wal-Mart getting the oil in the car changed so by the time they had gotten there, we had already ordered and pretty much finished eating. My brother rode in my car and we went home and then I immediately left to go to Zach's and we were supposed to go to Casa Mia to see if it'd be feasible to do the wedding reception there but Zach had called earlier and it didn't seem like it'd work out. So I just tagged along with his whole family as they went to Some Bagels (a super delish bagel sandwich place). They even had gelato. Then they dropped me off at my house and my brother drove me to Smoovies, this smoothie/food place that has several game systems and other stuff to do. His friend was there and one of my friends came by as well and we all sat around and had a good chat and then played some card games. Then my brother and I went over to Zach's where we played some more Rockband and WiiFit and ate some yummy grub that Zach's mom cooked up. Zach changed the oil in the car in the meantime. By then it was getting pretty late and we needed to start on the drive back to Seattle so my brother and I went back to our house where I packed everything up and then we sat around playing cards until Zach showed up. The drive back to Seattle was pretty uneventful too, except that there was some heavy fog at one point. We got home at around 12:30 so it was pretty much unpack the stuff we needed, email my parents to let them know I got home okay, and then crawl into bed.

It was a short trip but I got a lot done, saw a lot of people, and I guess got a tiny little bit further along with the whole wedding plan things :)