July 2, 2008

Rumor! Text! Internet!

Yayz! Soon I will be getting a new shiny cell phone. The proposed candidate is the Sprint LG Rumor in Green.
The picture really doesn't do justice to the green color, it's a bit lighter and more jello-y looking. It's pretty cute though and I think I'll really like the sliding keyboard feature and finally learn how to txt. The plan that I'm getting will have UNLIMITED texting and data, so I'll have plenty of opportunity to use the hell out of it. Though don't think that my standards will be lowered by it, I'm pretty sure I'll keep the same level of grammar and spelling as I do currently in my IMs...in fact, it'll be like IMing on the go!
I suppose I'll have to find out from all the people that I could potentially txt whether or not their plan supports txting and if there should be a cap on my txt harrassing :)