July 11, 2008

Movie Review #3: I Am Legend

7/10 I Am Legend = The miraculous cure for cancer turns into a deadly disease that kills the majority of the world's population and turns a smaller percentage into monsters. One man is living in NY trying to find a cure.

I was thinking...how scary could a movie with Will Smith as the main character be? Turns out it's pretty scary. The deadly disease turns 9% of the world pop. into very fast, part zombie, part vampire monsters. Most of the scariness of the movie comes from being in the dark and/or having the scary monsters rushing at you. Overall though, I suppose it was a pretty good movie. Survival movies are always kind of the same, bleak, with tons of unanswered questions about how they could possibly rebuild after such a huge collapse...and the realization that it's not a totally unrealistic possibility and just how f-ed we'd be with so much of the world's population dead and not a small number out to kill you. The world is a fragile place and there's always talk about how people should be prepared for disasters of a large scale but you really have to want to survive and be able to endure the kind of post-apocalyptic lifestyle. And I guess, be lucky enough to have the immunity.