July 21, 2008

Movie Review #6: The Dark Knight

7/19 The Dark Knight = The second installment in the new Batman series, the Joker is introduced.

What can I add to the enormous list of why this movie is so great? It's twisted, scarily human, a Batman's version of Fight Club. People are f-ed up...but at the same time, there's some real decency in the world too. RIP Heath Ledger but I think even if Heath was still alive and nothing bad had happened this would have still been a great movie. Comic book movies are really taking off and I think it's because of the content. People are ready to think. They want to ponder life's meaning and the dark nature of humanity and the cruelty of one's destiny and fate as it is intertwined with others and their random choices. With so much information at our fingertips (haha literally), we're on the brink of an era where knowledge is free and accessible and what we choose to do with it will hopefully blow future generations' minds.