October 29, 2008

Movie Review #28-30

11/8 Constantine = About a man who rids the world of demons that have meddled in human affairs too much.
Pretty scary at parts but a really interesting plot and concept. Kind of reminds me of Stigmata which also dealt with religious stuff and was pretty scary at times but at the end it was refreshing and deeply invigorating. Surprisingly, I've actually seen Stigmata several times, at least three times I think, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Even though there are some super scary and creepy parts, I think it's the fact that the concept is so cool that makes me interested in it.

10/28 L'auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment) = About this guy who lives in Barcelona for a year to learn Spanish for his future finance job.
I got the sequel, Russian Dolls, from the library today so I'll be watching that within the next two weeks. It was a pretty good movie, just about the random dealings and sex lives of this group of extremely diverse people from various countries all placed in a foreign country trying to cope and learn something. Most of the movie is either in French or Spanish.

10/29 Forgetting Sarah Marshall = About a guy who composes the soundtrack to a CSI-like TV show, is dating the lead actress, but then she dumps him and he can't cope.
About as funny as Heartbreak Kid, maybe a bit more. The women in it are quite beautiful and most of it is in Hawaii so it's pretty too but definitely has more of the "omg this is so painful and embarrassing to watch that it's funny" type of humor.