October 14, 2008

Movie Reviews #22-26

Okay yes, I have been neglecting the blog for a while now again. Movies have suddenly been piling up and while I HATE HATE HATE inconsistency and not adhering to standards, the blog will not be able to continue unless I make it a little easier to catch up. I hope I didn't forget any or else this count will be inaccurate (another annoyance).

9/25 Tremors = Small town gets terrorized and many die.

10/4 Starship Troopers = Futuristic movie with soliders fighting alien bugs.

10/9 Stardust = Everyone's chasing after a fallen star but for different reasons.

10/12 Hellboy = During WWII Hitler's soliders open a portal and things come out of it.

10/14 I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With = About a fat actor guy.

Stardust was by far the best out of the bunch. It was beautiful, the characters were interesting and funny and the "oh noes...I know something that you don't and bad things are going to happen" moments weren't too bad. I usually don't like those moments because I don't like suspense. Hellboy was pretty good too, there was a bunch of interesting magic features that were cool.

I've been unmotivated to write for a while, but I've recently been on a reading binge. Soooo...instead of writing some more, I'm going to read.