September 5, 2010

PAX 2010

Today was the last day of PAX Prime 2010.  It was great as usual.  Much much more relaxed this year than previous years, mostly because I've finally given up on winning swag/getting a bunch of free stuff.  This economy just isn't cut out for the type of treasure looting I like.

Highlights include:

  • Winning diamonds* from the Monaco booth!  I'd been thinking about winning them actually ever since I read the article and the guy was so nice!  I played it once on Friday but it was with two little kids and basically we had a hard time working together and everyone died.  The second time he basically waved the bag of diamonds* in my face and was like, go ahead and play a game and you'll get these.  I got the most points out of my group but the Locksmith class usually does and he didn't really mention any sort of contest..  Anyway it was awesome.  *i.e. 10 Cubic Zirconia
  • The final Omegathon battle was 15 rounds of The Claw!  The plushies were all so cute!  Zach and I got great seats up in the balcony section, actually right across the room from Scott Kurtz.  This year's game was no less epic than any of the others.  Though it was definitely swankier being in Benaroya than being crammed up next to sweaty BO boys in a huge room, but at the same time, it's nice to be able to jump up and down and have the room charged with energy.  Benaroya's ceilings are just a little too high for good energy containment.
  • I bought Volumes 1-6 of Scott Pilgrim and also got a T-shirt, two wristbands and a sticker.  I read through them all during this weekend, though I got a head start at my friends' house several weeks ago.
  • I got to hot tub for a bit on Sat. at my hotel.  It was pretty nice.
  • I played Monty Python Fluxx with a bunch of strangers while waiting in line for the final Omegathon round and didn't win, they were nice to me, but also a bunch of jerks.