October 4, 2011

Story Episode #10

Ten minutes later, after both our hands were sprayed and the mess cleaned up, Jack abruptly said, "Good job. I know you know I didn't think you guys had it in you, but I'm impressed. I'd pat you on the shoulder but my hands are still wet."

I shrugged, a little sullenly but I was appeased. "So now what? Do you think you finally have what you need for your disguise?"

He gazed at me appraisingly and said, "Okay. You've proven your mettle. I'll answer your question, but you are to never bring it up again. Is that understood?"

I nod slowly, "Yes sir."

He leads me up the stairs, taking them quickly, two at a time, but half way up the stairs, he stumbles on a step and flies forward, landing on his face. Or he would have if the stairs had stayed solid. I sigh inwardly, leave it to Jack to devise the most ridiculous secret entrances. With my luck, I'll have a slightly off posture and break my nose. I hesitate at the bottom of the stairs, trying to gauge which step he had "tripped" on when the stairs suddenly disappear and Jack's head pops up. "Come on then, you're taking too long. Just jump in here."

The room beyond the trip-step entrance is opulent and shimmery. Even the air smells rich. Jack takes a deep breath. "Notice that? I have a machine setup to infuse the air with particles of fat. Deliciously extravagant isn't it?"