January 8, 2013

One Week In

1. Going to more story gaming.
I'll be doing some gaming on Thursday!

2. Taking hip hop classes.

I was going to go tonight but it turns out I might have caught whatever sickness C brought back with her from her travels :(. I was immune to what everyone had around here, and now the sickness has caught up to me. However, I did create a new GCalendar that lists the daily schedule of hip hop classes so I can easily copy it over to my regular calendar on the days that I decide to go. I'll probably stick with a 4 class/month schedule.

3. Going camping.

Committed to going in Feb. with TRT and co. to Cama Beach. Also possible day hike to hot springs!

4. Doing the dishes after I make them dirty.

So far I haven't minded doing the dishes more frequently and the sense of keeping it together has been really nice.

5. Getting rid of stuff.

Z and I went through all of our glassware and mugs and we now have two boxfuls that we're planning to get rid of. Now the question is should we just dump them at Goodwill, or try to have a yard sale? Some of the glassware is really nice (champagne flutes, Starbucks mugs), but obviously we'd have to wait until it was nice out to do a yard sale. It might be fun though. We certainly have plenty of things to sell.

6. Playing more video games.

Finally started playing The Walking Dead and it is as good as everyone has said. Have really been enjoying the second run through for the marked differences depending on your choices. And the great thing is that there's usually only two different choices, so I don't feel like there's an infinite number of possibilities (i.e. more than three) so my inner completionist also gets a thrill. 
I also have been working on my Mass Effect game so that when I'm done with it, I can start the second one, as well as start Catherine. 
Looking forward to starting up a second game of Borderlands 2 with W, and playing more Spec Ops: The Line. 

7. Blogging more.

I'm thinking about also committing to once a week blogging, but I think I also should maybe spend some time thinking about what exactly I want to get out of blogging and some topics I want to talk about. Maybe more reviews of movies, books, and games that I consume? Continuing that 15 minute episodic story? I might have to start being more strict on the rules of that...I used to spend time before I started the 15 minutes to re-read the other chunks, but there's like 10 chunks now. Presumably, if I start writing it more regularly, I'll remember the story and be able to go off of just the last sentence or two.

8. Being less jaded.

This is the only one that I'm not sure I've made definite progress on yet. Also, difficult to actually measure. But I still think out of everything on this list, this is probably the most important one because it deals with core traits of my personality and outlook on life. My lofty cynical vantage point is probably so I'm not disappointed more often or so that I don't need to put as much energy into things to be satisfied. I think one of the most recent things that I was jaded about was the Seattle Snow Day event, which is apparently this Saturday.
Just something about the forced nature of creating an environment to induce "the child in all of us" makes my skin crawl with disdain. Would it probably ultimately be fun? Likely. Would I hate getting a snowball in the face? Undoubtedly. Does a "whiskey sweater" drink sound enticing? Yes. Maybe really what this is getting at is that to overcome being jaded about something, the first step is to actually experience it and realize that I was wrong. Maybe.