September 4, 2008

The 6 Traits

So I'm reading this book right now right? And I'm on the Chpt titled "Finding The One True Love". Cheesy I know, but it just went over this story of this woman who was great-looking, with a great personality. "A catch in anyone' book." But she had a hard time picking guys. So the author was like, okay, do you have a business card? Write these on the back:

Not stupid.
Not crazy.
Not creepy.
Not mean.
Not ugly.
Not smelly.

It's pass or fail on each item and if you fail one, you fail period.

What I thought was interesting was that it's a Not instead of Is (like is smart). They just have to not be it. But really, you must have to really not know what you're looking for if you can't weed them out without having a card of basics. Or at least friends that can be like, "oh no honey, not that one. That one's not so good."
If I do say so myself, I am particularly good at picking people and seeing basic flaws (yeah yeah, I'm sure that means I'm not so good at seeing my own flaws blah blah blah). Though I guess sometimes I can be a little harsh about it, when someone flips the "not so good" switch, I can seriously get into a strong dislike streak. And it takes showing quite a few good characteristics to get back into the light. I know everyone has their good points and most people are generally good people, and I feel like with my initial grilling that I give strangers, I can pretty quickly find what it is about them that's interesting and enjoy them at their best. But if it turns out all of that was really just a show then why should I waste my time putting up with a faker or worse? :) Or maybe I just surround myself with good people in hopes that it'll rub off on me and/or my evilness will be diluted and the scent will get lost.