September 27, 2008

Story Episode #1: The Beginning

As I sat waiting for Joseph to appear from the Post Office, I idly played with the lush grass that covered every inch of the city that wasn't paved. Each blade of grass was immaculately created and practically indestructible. Whoever came up with the idea to create natural-looking, feeling and smelling grass that was completely unnatural, must be a billionaire. I wish I had thought of it. When the strict water-conservation ordinance was passed, everyone's lawn turned to shit. People were quietly furious that their hard work could be destroyed in mere weeks. However, now that this unnatural natural grass is everywhere, no one cares about their lawn anymore. There's no way to make their lawn look better than anyone else's, especially since lawn ornaments have been outlawed.
Joseph ran out of the Post Office and jerked his head to the right to signal that Plan #1b would be the ideal course of action at this time. I smiled in response and continued sitting, lazily leaning back against the tree and for all intent and purposes appearing as if I was enjoying the hell out of the nice weather and quiet chirping. Meanwhile, Joseph had rounded the corner of the block and was only picking up speed and falling into his escapist-stride. As soon as he was out of sight, I closed my eyes and tapped out the...
Sorry, got mildly distracted by some speaker talk and I think I'm also at least two or three minutes over on this first attempt. I think after the first couple of these I'll write about if this is helping or not and if I should continue.