September 10, 2008

Blog Idea: Dating Experiences of the Delusioned Desperate

It would be HEE-larious to start a blog that was solely about someone's love/dating life. Like it would start off a brief, vague description of the guy or girl doing the searching and then launch into a description of Date #1 with Girl/Guy #1. Of course the main concern would be anonymity, which might be solved by having anyone be able to post their dating stories, but I personally think it would be far more interesting to follow one person's struggles and triumphs in the dating world. I haven't seen the movie yet, but maybe this idea is kind of like Train_Man? There's probably blogs out there that people use to detail their love lives...I should really look into getting an RSS feed, besides the little ticker on top of my Gmail.

Of course, this could only work if the person was willing to make light of their failures and the weirdness of people and situations in general. I don't think the purpose would be to scare people and discourage dating, but to make it seem more fun and crazy cool (for stories later anyway).