October 24, 2007

Cheap Dinner & a Movie

The Dinner Part:
OpenTable.com is a site I just joined this week. I needed to make a reservation to this Afghan restaurant, Kabul, and it allowed me to make reservations on this site. Apparently, for every reservation you make and go to, you get 100 pts. Once you get to 2,000 pts, you get a $20 gift cert! Unfortunately, we never got to go to the restaurant and ended up going to Mala-something the UDistrict instead :P However, I will continue to look for opportunities to use the site and get points.

The Movie Part:
The Warren Report is THE best thing Zach and I have stumbled upon in our time in Seattle. About two years ago, we were at a 1Reel film showing at Bumbershoot when some guy (Warren) gets up on stage and is like, if a couple will get up here on stage and make out, I'll give them a free 1 yr subscription to the Warren Report! And thusly is how we got involved. It turns out, the Warren Report allows you to sign up to watch free movie previews. That's it. You pay a measly $20 per year, and in return, you can watch all the free movie previews you want. Zach and I must have seen close to a dozen or so movies by now. Recently, we saw Why Did I Get Married? and Lars and the Real Girl. Both were very interesting, but I actually really liked Why Did I...I'd definitely watch it again. At the end of this month, Oct. 30th, we're going to go see the Bee Movie :D! So yeah, I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to join this, if only to watch movies that haven't come out yet.