October 31, 2007

What I Would Take in an Evacuation


Most of my life is captured in 1's and 0's so I would definitely pack up my laptop, and I'd really want Zach to get the computer that has my backup hard drive.

My purse has all of my daily necessities: phone, wallet, Sansa, keys, DS, pills, and bus pass.

Probably my filing box, which has my SS card, Naturalization cert. and a bunch of papers from my before college days.

I suppose the guinea pigs...so their traveling case, water, food and vitamins.

It'd be a bonus if I could take as many of my clothes/coats/shoes as possible, my fave makeup, extra contacts, and a few pieces of jewelry. There's a couple pictures on my dresser that I'd take. I'm not super keen on my yearbook(s) but if there was space/time, I'd grab those too. Lastly, as a super bonus, I'd try to grab as many consoles, games, and DVDs as time/space permitted. Or if not, then the memory card from the PS2 at least.

See...as a list it doesn't seem like that much!....really....