August 13, 2008

Anytime Present Ideas

Since my friends are no longer (were they ever...?) doing birthday presents this year, I thought I should start encouraging Anytime presents. The list below represents items that I like in general (some imagination might be needed to make an appropriate gift) and stuff that I can't imagine having too much of.

Anytime Present Ideas:
Cute stickers
Canned Corn/Corn on the Cob (roasted or steamed)
donut peaches
A list of interesting books/movies
Fresh flowers
Fruits Basket Manga
Unique/creative pottery
Performance/Interactive Art
Themed parties
Garage/yard/rummage sales
Knowing interesting facts about others' lives
Roasted marshmallows
Geeky/nerdy funny items (clothing, etc.)
Tim's Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion potato chips
Traveling and doing touristy stuff
Winning at games
Card games
Arbitrary organization (for example, in a candy dish, separating the candy by color)
Bubble tea
Funny true stories

I guess that should be enough for now. For most of these, I get really excited over.