August 4, 2008

Busy Weekend - Fruits Basket Marathon, Chapel Clubbing, Wedding/After Party

I can just feel it in my bones that if I don't start getting some good sleep, I'm going to get sick. It feels like I pulled an all-nighter, everything's kind of fuzzy and slow. I had a great time over the weekend though.

I wasn't lonely Friday night because everyone was at the bachelor party LAN because I had someone over to watch the Fruits Basket series with me. And we finished it too. And I did all my laundry. Then we got to sleep for 4 or so hours before getting up and getting some Starbucks. The rest of Saturday was pretty normal, we watched the movie Miss Potter, and then at 10, we went to pick up a friend and went to the Chapel, a club that had been a mausoleum in its former life. I was hit on twice, which was di rigeur for me, especially since Zach wasn't on the dance floor with me. The first time was really typical, some guy leads off with a compliment and then tries to draw you into a convo. He asked me what I thought of his shirt, which in my inebriated state, was white with red text that looked like some lame ass college T so instead of shouting something witty (which likely would not have been witty due to my previously mentioned condition), I ended up just making the "Loser" right-hand two fingered from the forehead move. I can't remember what he said but I was laughing and then my friend dragged me away, likely being correct in thinking that I was getting in over my head, whatever it was that I was getting into. Zach was impressed with my audaciousness. The second time was pretty minor, just some guy asking me if I would dance with his friend, who was at least 30, likely 32-ish. After that dance though I was pretty tired. It's really hard to move with the beat while not stumbling into anyone nearby, in stilettos to boot! We got home at around 1:30. I need to work on getting drunker early on and then being not so drunk by the time I hit the bed. Somehow the drunkness doesn't wear off quickly enough by the time I'm ready to call it a night.

Sunday, we finally got to sleep in a little and then we got up and got ready for the wedding. It was held at Denny Blaine park, which was this really small quaint little park right next to the water, which had this stone wall and stone steps that led to this lower bit of the park which was perfect for a wedding with a hedge that hid the water. Anyway, at first the park was absolutely packed with people who were there for Seafair and were watching the Blue Angels' show, which was really loud. At 2:30 though they all cleared out and the wedding went off without a hitch. We had Thai food that was really good and I took a bunch of pictures with the disposable cameras that were lying about. The Maid of Honor gave a really heartfelt speech that made more people cry than the actual ceremony.
Unfortunately, I got kind of sunburnt due to being out in the sun a lot, but hopefully it doesn't peel... At 9, they had their after party at their place, and it was fun, everyone just sat around with snacks and told stories and chatted. We didn't get home until 11 and we were actually the first ones to leave :).

Overall, I don't remember a more packed weekend, full of a variety of activities that each on its own would have been more than enough to make a weekend interesting.