August 27, 2008

Movie Review #15: Sex Drive

8/27 Sex Drive = Guy meets hot chick on the internet and decides to drive 9 hours to go see her and lose his virginity.
It was pretty funny, but mostly in a OMG, he did not just do that supremely embarrassing thing, OMG OMG. Several times I had to duck my head in shame for the dude, it was a little bit too much on the horribly tragic things that can happen when you're young and stupid. Much like how SuperBad was, but I think this one had much hotter chicks and more action. Less of the deadline feeling. Zach says he liked it and would see it again with everyone, though some pottery might be involved. Also it had amish people in it AND Seth Green AND Seth Green as an amish guy. Seth Green is the shit. I dunno what it is about him, but as celebrities go, he's on my to do list.