August 13, 2008

Movie Review #11: Sicko

8/13 Sicko = Documentary on the state of the healthcare system in the US and compares it to countries with government run healthcare.

I know Zach thinks I'm easily influenced and gullible and stuff like that and as such, I try to take a step back and be really pessimistic about stuff and sometimes worry that I am believing things too easily. But there's always a bit of truth behind all documentaries and the fact of the matter is that Americans are getting screwed and the sooner we have Universal Healthcare the less trashy America will be. If I ever get diagnosed with an expensive disease, I hope that I will remember this movie and look deeply and think hard about moving to a different country. Like say Canada, France, or England where the healthcare is free. In France, they get 5 wks minimum of vacation, when you have a baby, the gov't will send over a nanny and when you get married, they'll give you an extra week of vacation. I only get 2 wks of vacation. Though I guess the benefits of living somewhere where you can understand 90% of the population is nice, work does take up a LOT of time. Anyway, it was a disheartening movie and I really hope Obama becomes President and starts fixing things. And I hope I or anyone else I know doesn't get sick.