August 22, 2008

Things the Next Generation will be Amazed At

  • That Pluto was considered a planet and taught in schools as such for the majority of our schooling.
  • That we had to wait until we were 21 until we could drink legally.
  • We were around when no one used to listen to a music player 24/7, on the bus, walking around, waiting in music. iPods will be laughed at for their simplicity and weird controls.
  • That we would be so stupid to vote a complete idiot into the White House...twice.
  • That we used to use something called film in these small containers that were difficult to put into cameras instead of digital media. And in order to see the pictures we took, we had to develop the film instead of seeing the picture as soon as it's taken. In addition, we kept these fragile photos in photo albums instead of a digital frame.